Do you need a marketing expert on your team?

Wish you could tap into top level marketing expertise?

For most small to mid-size organizations, a full time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), VP Marketing or Marketing Manager is out of financial reach. Expertise that larger corporations utilize without paying the six-figure salary, benefits and bonuses?

Solution Description…

We provide strategic senior-level marketing experience to your organization on a part-time, as needed basis. Typically this involves delivering marketing strategy, planning, processes, sales integration and measurement or results.

Ideally Suited For…

Companies that have support personnel that are able to help push plans forward.

The marketing executive will provide the guidance necessary to prioritize tasks, campaigns and programs, and report on progress to the firm’s leadership.

We provide this service in-house or remote.


Fractional Marketing means you get the skills and experience of a full-time CMO AND access to their network of marketing professionals to tackle all kinds of projects, from content strategy and execution to impartial executive marketing development.

  1. Tap into marketing experience and knowledge without paying full-time salary and benefits.

  2. Realize a fresh, third-party, experienced perspective.

  3. Build in-house marketing personnel's skills through the guidance of a senior-level marketing executive.

  4. Gain peace-of-mind knowing that marketing needs are in experienced hands.

  5. Access on a part-time, as needed basis.

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