Tested market research techniques

Market research consultants with expertise hardened in the business world.

To us, numbers matter, as do emotional insights. We believe it is the way in which we combine the two that differentiates.

NewDoor Marketing & Beyond is a market research consultancy that conducts market research projects throughout the western Canada. Our clients operate across a wide range of sectors, but share one thing in common: they want to understand their market on a more profound level.

Through the use of well tested market research techniques, NewDoor Marketing & Beyond helps businesses identify and understand the needs, preferences, behaviours and motivations of their target audiences.

We use our own proven market research process for the management and control of every piece of work that we do.

We do, however, recognize that every client is different and, at the same time, every project is unique, so that even a repeat exercise will have its differences because of the time of year or the particular circumstances in which that project is carried out. For this reason we approach every single project afresh since it is, of course, in one way or another, new.

Each stage or step in the market research process is tracked through our own milestone system which means we can at any point inform our clients precisely where we are on any particular project.

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