Marketing and sales must collaborate across the entire customer journey

What does integrated sales and marketing look like?

To engage today’s customers and prospects more effectively, marketing and sales must collaborate across the entire customer journey in a way that’s meaningful to customers.

Buyers are taking advantage of digital to reshape how they learn about and purchase—often with little to no assistance from a provider’s sales team. 

With this shift to self-service, sellers would be well-advised to consider a buyer’s user experience throughout the sales process. To do so effectively, sellers need to more tightly integrate sales and marketing.

The tools and techniques (emails, phone calls, conferences) long relied on to get in front of prospective buyers are changing. It also means moving from facilitating transactions to building and sustaining trusted, high-value relationships. Marketers have to work far more closely with sales to shepherd leads through the funnel, as well as develop and disseminate personalized content.

Reimagining the way sales and marketing teams work together is a significant effort. It requires substantial organizational change, as well as new processes and tools.

Sales and marketing roles and responsibilities should be designed around how customers buy. The overall processes for such activities as content development, lead cultivation, and performance measurement must be much more integrated, and it must be collaborative. 

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